Teachers need to feel comfortable using technology in their classrooms, and more importantly, they need to know how to encourage their students to use technology to learn and solve problems, and create polished and sharable products. This unit provides practical and theoretical understanding on educational technologies, not as hardware and software that are objects of study themselves, but as useful tools that impact on our everyday lives. The unit gives you the opportunity to explore technology as social beings, as student learners and researchers at university, and as classroom teachers. Tasks will be documented and presented in a website that you create, and will focus on the creation of authentic products. (School of Education, 2010)

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How to study this unit

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Whatever your level of expertise with technology and ICTs, beginner or expert, this unit will allow you to demonstrate your learning and growth in your use of ICTs over the semester. Essentially, by completing the tasks, you complete the unit, and the examination will allow you to further reflect on the use of technology in many areas of our lives as teachers and learner/researchers.

Basically, in the first weeks, you will create a website that will act as a canvas for all the work you do in the unit. You will have the opportunity to create a range of resources that you will either put onto your website, or, if the resource is somewhere else in the ‘cloud’, you will provide a link to it.

The unit is designed for you to use your own technology. It will not teach technology tools in a step by step fashion, but you will be guided to learn in collaborative classes focussing on support. The guiding approach is that students learn best ‘with’ technology rather than ‘from’!

The nature of the unit means that we will start you off with a range of strategies, resources and ideas, but you are also expected to contribute. You will be able to do this through the unit website (LMS), where you will be able to upload your key references and sites for others to access. You will be expected to search and read widely and apply your ideas to the resources you create. The things you learn in this unit will be applicable throughout your course and into your teaching career.

(School of Education, 2010).


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  Based on work by Teachers in the School of Education, Murdoch University.

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