The Power of Networks

January 3, 2011
Reading my daily Linkedin summary I came across a post about free elearning books by Christopher Papas. So far I have only had a quick glance at a few of the resources but already I have found articles and information that I think will be useful support tools for this Living & learning with technology unit. For example:

  •  The University of Colarado ebook The CU Online Handbook for people new to teaching online. I think this is a great resource for classroom teachers as well. It includes information about PowerPoint Design and Using Blogs for educational purposes, that is useful in a variety of teaching environments. The book also contains list of emerging technologies with explanations about each technology, the pros and cons and examples of educational uses.
  • WebTools applied to teaching by Ana Maria Menezes (anamariacult's) contains information about many popular web 2.0 tools and examples about how they can be used for teaching.  

Blog Selection

December 31, 2010
I also decided to use Yola's blog page for my blog. One advantage of using the inbuilt blog page is that all my information is on the one site. If I used an external free blog tool I would need to add a link on this website for people to access it. The second reason is, I have already explored a number of other blog tools and already have blogs on BloggerEdublogsWordPress and Posterous.

When I first started blogging, I used Blogger. I use this site primarily for my family blogs eg: holida...

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Website Selection

December 31, 2010
I selected to use Yola to create this website because I wanted to try a tool I haven't used before. I created my own website, JenMar Services, from scratch using HTML and CSS but I want to explore the free online tools available for assisting non-techy people to create their own websites. I have created websites using Google Sites (ICT Trends and Issues) and Weebly (ICT unit of work) but there are many other free website tools available and I want to explore as many as I can to discover which...
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