I also decided to use Yola's blog page for my blog. One advantage of using the inbuilt blog page is that all my information is on the one site. If I used an external free blog tool I would need to add a link on this website for people to access it. The second reason is, I have already explored a number of other blog tools and already have blogs on BloggerEdublogsWordPress and Posterous.

When I first started blogging, I used Blogger. I use this site primarily for my family blogs eg: holidays, house renovations etc. I like this tool because it is very simple and easy to use. I would recommend it to first time bloggers. I started my jennip's EDjourney (Edublog), jennip's journeys (WordPress), and jennip (Posterous) blogs in Dec 2009 as I wanted to check out how easy the tools were to use. As you wil see I am not a consistent blogger, but I do regularly read and follow other people's blogs (see Blogroll on right).

People I follow indicated these tools had more to offer. For example: On Edublogs you can create a teacher account and set-up blogs for your students. I haven't tried this yet as I mainly teach adults and would rather they set-up their own blogs. But I can see it would be useful for primary school students if you wanted to keep their blogs secure. WordPress is also a publishing tool so for the serious blogger this might be a more attractive tool. I found this tool a bit more difficult to use and I have yet to explore many of it's features. With On Posterous you can post your blogs by phone or email. I like the simplicity of this tool and the flexibility it offers and I intend to explore it further in the coming months.