Reading my daily Linkedin summary I came across a post about free elearning books by Christopher Papas. So far I have only had a quick glance at a few of the resources but already I have found articles and information that I think will be useful support tools for this Living & learning with technology unit. For example:

  •  The University of Colarado ebook The CU Online Handbook for people new to teaching online. I think this is a great resource for classroom teachers as well. It includes information about PowerPoint Design and Using Blogs for educational purposes, that is useful in a variety of teaching environments. The book also contains list of emerging technologies with explanations about each technology, the pros and cons and examples of educational uses.
  • WebTools applied to teaching by Ana Maria Menezes (anamariacult's) contains information about many popular web 2.0 tools and examples about how they can be used for teaching.