Group Project (Assignment 2A) - My City

This website was created by 3 students in a similar unit at Wollongong University in 2009.
  • Learning area - Society and Environment
  • Year Level - 7
  • Topic - My City
  • Link to My City Website

Narrated PowerPoint presentation created using Jing and Screencast 
Authorstream_narrated.pptx Authorstream_narrated.pptx
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Student Instructions - Assignment 2(A) Group project and presentation - due week 12

  • Complete a group task where you create a small sharable educational resource (such as a website, wiki, or Facebook page) on an educational topic of your choosing.
  • Create a slide presentation on the making of the resource. Internal students to present by groups in tutorials in week 12. External students to upload a narrated presentation to their website by the end of week 12.

Student Resources


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  Based on work by Teachers in the School of Education, Murdoch University.

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