Academic Integrity 

Murdoch University encourages its students and staff to pursue the highest standards of integrity in all academic activity. Academic integrity involves behaving ethically and honestly in scholarship and relies on respect for others’ ideas through proper acknowledgement and referencing of publications. Lack of academic integrity, including the examples listed below, can lead to serious penalties.

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Readings have not been included in this reference list as APA style citations have been used to list the readings.
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Articles  (APA style - see Murdoch Library Guides)

School of Education. (2010). EDU205 Unit Information Learning Guide (UILG).Murdoch, WA: Murdoch University

Images (Chicago 15th B style - see Murdoch Library Guides)

Videos (APA 6th style - see Murdoch Library Guides)

Websites (APA 6th style - see Murdoch Library Guides)


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