Resource 1 - EndNote

  Resources entered into EndNote database

2B_Researcher_Example_Essay.doc 2B_Researcher_Example_Essay.doc
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Resource 2 - Research Tools

 My resources for the paper on digital storytelling in the primary school were located using the following tools:

  1. Book: searched Murdoch library online catalogue using search terms: "digital storytelling" (image 1)
  2. Book chapter: Murdoch library online catalogue using search terms: "digital storytelling" (image 1)
  3. Journal article: searched Google Scholar using search terms: "digital storytelling in primary schools" (image 2)
  4. Website: searcher Google using search terms: "digital stories" + "students" (image 3)

image - Murdoch Library search page

Image 1 (Murdoch University 2011) 

Book Ohler, Jason. 2008. Digital storytelling in the classroom : new media pathways to literacy, learning, and creativity. Thousand Oaks, CA: Corwin Press

Book Chapter - Wood Clare, Karen Littleton, and Pav Chera. 2009. Using talking books to support early reading development. In Handbook of Research on New Media Literacy at the K-12 Level: Issues and Challenges edited by L. T. W. Hin and T. Subramaniam. New York: Information Science Reference.

Google Scholar search page

Image 2 (Google 2011)

Article (Google scholar)Butler, D, M Leahy, and C McCormack. 2010. Using digital video to create online book reviews. Contemporary Issues in Technology and Teacher Education 10 (1):80-99

Google search page

Image 3 (Google n.d.)

Website (Google) Waters, Sue. 2011. 50+ ways to create digital stories with students. The Edublogger blog 2009 [cited 10/04/2011 2011]. Available from 


Student Instructions - Assignment 2(B) Reseacher Resources - due Friday 13 May, 2010 (week 13)

  • Examine and learn to use two additional software programs or web applications (one of which is EndNote and one from a list supplied in class) and present an example of each as a learning tool.
  • Create links to useful resources and sites from your website.
  • Continue to comment on your blog about the process of creating your website, and provide reflections on how you went about learning or refining the technologies, programs or applications and creating examples of their use.
Student Resources

Resource 1 - EndNote

EndNote is a software tool for publishing and managing bibliographies on the Windows and Macintosh desktop

Resource 2 - Search Tools


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  Based on work by Teachers in the School of Education, Murdoch University.

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