Resource 1 - Interactive Whiteboard Lesson

Learning Federation Resource:
L766 Animal search: is it a mammal?

ec_ss_sci_ll(DETK101457a).doc ec_ss_sci_ll(DETK101457a).doc
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( Curriculum Council, 2010)

Electronic_Whiteboard_Lesson.pdf Electronic_Whiteboard_Lesson.pdf
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Resource 2 - Google Earth Lesson 
2004 Indian Ocean Tsunami Activity – Google Earth

mc_ss_math_meas(DETK101139a).doc mc_ss_math_meas(DETK101139a).doc
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mc_ss_math_space(DETK102076a).doc mc_ss_math_space(DETK102076a).doc
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image Google Earth

( 2011) 

2B_Teacher_Resource_2_Example_Lesson.pdf 2B_Teacher_Resource_2_Example_Lesson.pdf
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Student Instructions - Assignment 2(B) Teacher Resources - due Friday 13 May, 2010 (week 13)

  • Examine and learn to use two additional software programs or web applications (one of which is an Interactive whiteboard resource and one from a list supplied in class) and present an example of each as a learning tool.
  • Create links to useful resources and sites from your website.
  • Continue to comment on your blog about the process of creating your website, and provide reflections on how you went about learning or refining the technologies, programs or applications and creating examples of their use.
Student Resources

Resource 1 - Interactive Whiteboard Resource

Resource 2 - Your own choice of technology 

You will find a range of teacher resources on the Living and Learning with Technology Diigo Group website. Click on the join now link below to access the resources

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